July 2018 | SOUVENIR

20th World Congress on Environment Management & Climate Change 2018 | Theme - "Transformational Leadership for Promoting Climate Resilient Economic Growth" - The need to live within the Earth's resources is a concept that is already 'out there'. Capitalism with the human face, and shared values make companies do well. Obduracy of the environmentalists. create an atmosphere of distrust. Green and sustainable practices ensure that the present pursuit of economic activities of production and consumption do not harm the mother earth any more. The green space is ripe for consumer engagement largely because they are interested in green initiative, not just as a product category but as a social cause. Nature provides society and business many services that go un-priced in the market place, including clean air and water, a relatively stable climate, plants and animals to use for food and medicine, and much more. We must place a value on natural capital to create more resilient companies, who can profit from extreme volatility.

April 2018 | SOUVENIR

Dubai Global Convention 2018 | Theme - "Transformative Leadership for fostering Creativity, Innovation & Business Excellence" - Twenty-first century challenges are calling for a 21st century style of governance. Companies play a vital role in ushering prosperity and wealth in every society. In orderto play this role good governance, and responsible and ethical practices are required in an abundant measure. Directors, as governance professionals, have the crucial responsibility of ensuringthatthe roles of the companies are satisfactorily discharged, forthe benefit of stake-holders and society at large.

March 2018 | SOUVENIR

Annual Directors Conclave 2018 | Theme - "Maximising Effectiveness and Accountability of Corporate Boards" - Boards continue to face increased expectations from institutional investors and regulators. Corporate boards today are expected to be more engaged knowledgeable and effective than in the past. Board compositions, diversity and culture today matter more than ever in the quest to improve performance. The boards must be prepared for a range of challenges from anticipating the unexpected and plan accordingly, to managing Risk & Reputation, while seeking to capitalise on opportunities.

February 2018 | SOUVENIR

Corporate Social Responsibility 2018 | Theme - "Responsible CSR: a New Agenda Beyond Governance" - During the last two decades, CSR has evolved from a simple philanthropic activity to integrating business interests with the community in which it operates - exhibiting social, environmental and ethically responsible behaviour, in governess of business - generating values and long term sustainability. The understanding of CSR has been punctuated with numerous definitions and theories. CSR emphasizes and advocates the role of business in society, beyond the traditional role of maximizing profits. Our understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility has since gone through a paradigm change. It has moved way beyond it's philanthropic and community roots. CSR is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, permeating across all spheres of the business activity. We need to embed CSR concerns, in the DNA of the corporations.

October 2017 | SOUVENIR

London Global Convention 2017 | Theme - The Board: Emerging Issues of Corporate Governance and Sustainability Challenges - Business has changed as never before. Understanding the way knowledge economy works, is the key to our success. Its immense potential to transform society is tantalizing. Diversity and dissent, which in the old economy were perceived as value destroyers, are today regarded value enhancers. During the last 3 decades, organizations have been obliged to change in less evolutionary and more transformational ways, against a backdrop of wave after wave of profound shifts in the business environment like the 'quality', 'consumer', technological, 'communication and digital revolutions and innovations, all of which deeply influenced organizational dynamics. Firms that swiftly adapted developing organizational capability flourished; others fell behind, became uncompetitive, or perished.

July 2017 | SOUVENIR

19th World Congress on Environment Management 2017 | Theme - MANAGING ENVIRONMENT & CLIMATE CHANGE: Transitioning to a Sustainable Economy - The twentieth century was marked by both the recognition and creation of a host of environmental problems. The twenty-first century bears the burden of resolving these problems, and preventing the emergence of more. The challenge Is to break with the destructive hegemonic technological paradigm, whilst orchestrating a just transition within the economic and politicalspheres. Today, National sovereignty does not control the cyber and environment fields. The borders are routinely breached by pollution, refugees, and cyber hackers. Increasingly forces like climate warming, migrations, and deflection of earth ozone shield etc are creating a new system of international environmental governance, asa means of solving otherwise unmanageable problems.

April 2017 | SOUVENIR

Dubai Global Convention 2017 | Theme - Driving Performance Excellence through Disruptive Innovation & Visionary Leadership - Twenty-first century challenges are calling for a 21st century style of governance. Companies play a vital role in ushering prosperity and wealth in every society. In order to play this role good governance, and responsible and ethical practices are required in an abundant measure. Directors, as governance professionals, have the crucial responsibility of ensuring that the roles of the companies are satisfactorily discharged, for the benefit of stake-holders and society at large.

February 2017 | SOUVENIR

Global Convention on Corporate Ethics & Risk Management 2017 - The oversight. understanding and mitigation of Risks in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world have never been more important. No business transaction takes place without taking risk. Vulnerability is an indication of the susceptibility of the Organization, not withstanding uncertainties in the environment

Following the collapse ofcorporates like Enron, Lehman brothers and Satyam etc, duringthe last decade of the Twenty First Century, the world continues to struggle with their consequences. Yet larger and potentially more harmful risks are lurking. These Include climate change, fragility In global supply chains, and cyber threat, which can encompass all crisis models at once . Also important is the collective impact of social media, and 24/7 news cycle. which can tum a very small event Intoa roiling National and International story.

The risk landscape and risk agenda are constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Not all boards are navigating the uncertainties Inherent In this changing risk landscape effectively. There isa danger that different risksarestill being dealt with in silos. yetrisksare interdependent and do not respect functional boundaries. An integrated approach to risk is vital. Risk culture is reflected in the behavior and actions of people. Managing the sometimes tricky but always stimulating 'risk interfaces' that lie between people, processes, relationships and reputation are vital.

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